• 1 After Handover Ceremony
    Most of our Nigerian Sisters with some of our Associates
  • 2

    Our First Set of Nigerian Sisters
    Rev. Sr. Helena Ugorji DHS and Rev. Sr. Obembe DHS
  • 3 Handover Ceremony
    The Outgoing and Ingoing Officials
  • 3 A Community at Prayer
    Prayer is not asking. Prayer is putting oneself in the hands of God, at His disposition, and listening to His voice in the depth of our hearts.
  • 3 DHS Lay Associates
    If you like our spirituality as a lay person, you could join our associates...
  • 3 Our Apostolate in Education
    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
  • 3 Profession of Vows
    The Radical Following of Christ is the Goal of the Religious life
  • 3 Our Apostolate in Education
    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
  • 3 Our Apostolate in Education
    Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
  • 3 Our Apostolate in Health Sector
    A healthy attitude is contagious but don't wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier.
    Sub-Saharan Africa has 24 percent of the global disease burden, yet only three percent of the world’s health care workers.
  • 3 The Joy of Christ
    From various walks of Life, Gathered in the Holy Spirit, the Joy of Christ becomes ours in Faithfulness.
  • 3 Our Beginnings in Nigeria
    The First DHS Sisters who left for Nigeria
  • 3 Our Beginnings in Nigeria
    When the Sistes first arrived Nigeria
  • 3 Our Beginnings in Nigeria
  • 3 Our Beginnings in Nigeria
  • 3 Our Beginnings in Nigeria

Our period of formation happens in three stages as follows:

1. Postulancy, See more on  Postulate’s community

2. Novitiate, See more on  Novitiate’s community

3. Temporary Vows

You may write to;

Daughters of the Holy Spirit Postulate

p.o. box 1196, Ogbomosho Oyo State, Nigeria.


Daughters of the Holy Spirit Novitiate

p.o. box 1175, Imo Ilesa, Osun State Nigeria.



Call 08169840488

 It is also good to know that as Daughters of the Holy Spirit, we are open to formation all through our lives. Please read more below about us and our formation.

Who are:

                        “The Daughters of the Holy Spirit”.

 “Women gathered together to listen to the holy spirit in our world and Community”.

Answering the call of the Spirit.

(1)         We, the daughters of the holy spirit, are women who feel called by the spirit to follow in the steps of our found dress, to dedicate to God our entire life, in the service of the poor, the sick, the children, the women and underprivileged.

(2)         Wherever we work or live, empowering people through different means is our focus “We collaborate and work with those who seek to build the world through justice and love”.

R. O. L Art 10

(3)         Founded by Marie Balavenne and Renee.  Burel at Le Legue in France, we are in twelve different countries of the world.  In 1954, the Sisters Came to Cameroon, 1964 to Nigeria and in 1994 to Burkina Faso.

(4)         “We believe that the spirit of Jesus, sent forth on Pentecost day, is at work in our world, bringing into being the new creation”.

R. O. L Art 3

(5)         Our lives and options are to be the voice of the voiceless.  We believe that “the spirit calls us to share in this work that he can make of us authentic witnesses to a God who is justice and tender love”.

R. O. L Art 3


                             Come and see.

Why do we feel drawn to dedicate our lives and our activities to the service of the less privileged?

  1. The first Daughters of the Holy Spirit Chose to live together to serve the poor, the sick, the children, recognizing in them the person of Jesus Christ.  It is in these same footsteps of our found dresses that we walk.
  2. To respond to the call of Jesus.  “What so ever you do to the us of my brethren you do unto me?  Matt.25.
  3. We believe that in a society more and more marked by religious indifference, shifting values, the pluralism of cultures and beliefs, to remain open and attentive to what children, young people and women are living is of great importance and we seek to help them develop as persons so that they can draw meaning in their lives.


We can do this because.


                                      R. O. L Art 4



A story of a simple and humble woman whose love for God led her to have compassion, on people around her, especially the poor, the sick and the children, she offered them new life.




                   “House of Charity”

 “Where Charity and love abide there God is ever found”.

A Courageous Woman

Marie Balavenne did not have the joy of knowing her mother who died ten days after giving birth to her; she developed the gift of being attentive to the orphans.

          She was a woman who dared, risked and generously gave from her heart.

In 1666, Marie was born at Le Legue, a Breton harbour and grew up with relatives.

At 26years of age, she married “Guillaume Despons, a widower and father of six children aged form 4yrs to 18yrs.

          Guillaume died only five years after their marriage and Marie was left alone to bring up the four youngest children who still depended on her.

          One can imagine the love she showered on them since she knew what it was like to be without a parent.

          Perhaps God was preparing her to be the mother of children who were not her own by birth.  He was preparing her to be a mother to the poor.


          “Let the children come to me and do not stop them”.

Getting things off the Ground

Life was hard in seventeenth Century Brittany.  People lived only on farming and fishing and they all depended on sun and rain for their daily bread.

          There were signs of poverty all round.  Beggars and people going without food were part of village life.

          The parishes gathered fervent Christians with often, simple faith.  There was NO education for GIRLS.  It was in the midst of all these conditions that Maried Balavenne found herself.

          It touched her to see a lot of people in poverty.  Instead of sitting with folded hands, she started something, to fulfill the word of “Mathew 25:34-36”  Come, o blessed of my father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you form the foundation of the world for I was hungry and you gave me food……………I was sick and you visited me”.

With a welcoming attitude and smile, she opened her doors and windows to people, serving soup and teaching them knitting, sewing, nursing and catechism.


“Learn form me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart”.         Mathew 11:29.

The generosity and welcoming spirit of Marie Balavenne, along with the virtues of humility and gentleness that filled her heart drew many people to her for help.

          She remained open to the spirit and her adoration of the three persons of the trinity was the source of her love and service.  She entrusted herself, also, to Mary the woman totally surrendered to the spirit.

          Her experience of growing up without a mother, and of marrying a widower with 6 children to care for, moved her to respond to the spirits call.  So this began her sharing in his work of bringing together all the scattered children of God.


                   “A soul that is simple and sincere forgets herself entirely, in order that she may have God alone in view, and seek Him and Him only.


          Extracts from the directory of the 1927 Rule article 241

                   Many with the holy spirit.


“For the whole law is fulfilled in one word, “You shall love your neighbour as yourself”.

                                                Galatians 5:14.

The work that Marie Balavenne was doing in her house and parish did not go un-noticed.  The first person to collaborate with her was Monsieur Jean Leuduger a diocesan priest devoted to helping the poor people in parishes wherever he worked.

          He stood as a confessor and adviser to Marie Balavenne.  It was through him that his relation, Renee Burel, joined Marie in serving the people through missionary work.

          These two women dressed simply, they built as school for girls through the support of Monsieur Leuduger.

          In addition to education, these two women visited the poor and the sick, distributing the alms which the well-to-do had given them for this purpose.  They provided linen as well as medications which they themselves had prepared in accordance with the doctors instructions.

          As time went on married and Renee recognized the love God had for them and decided to strengthened a lasting bond by taking a religious commitment (vows) which, according to the trading existing in the congregation, took place on the 8th of December, 1706.

          They committed themselves to living together in a local community so as to love and serve Christ.

          They placed themselves under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and chose Pentecost as the principal feast of their association with the Immaculate Conception as the second most important feast since their consecration took place on that day.

          As they continued to respond to the needs of their time in the House of Charity, they also grew in number.  In 1710 Charlotte Corbel came to share their life and work.  By 1721, Marie Allenou de Grand Champ and Louise Desbois along with other women came along.

          The house of Charity was becoming too small for the “Daughters of the Charity and they had to purchase another house.

Diocese of saint-Brieuc in France.

          Their work was very demanding and in 1720, at the age of 38, Renee Buriel died, the remains of a great woman, that serves all her entirely life was interred in the parish commentary.

          An unknown hand wrote in the margin of her death certificate “A grain of mustard seed, the lowly seed, cast into the earth, becomes a great tree sheltering in its branches all the birds of the air”

                                                                   Source document page 72

          Marie Balavenne and her companions accept the situation in faith and continued the work of Charity.

          They moved to other neighbouring villages by the time of Maries death on the 28th December, 1743, the great woman had witnessed the growth of the “grain of mustard seed”………. From its first beginnings in Lé Legué, now blossoming to 16 sisters present in 3 different dioceses.

          “Gods love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit which has been given to us”

                                                                   Romans 5:5

                             Come and See.

“House of Charity”  The work continues


          “Poor as they were in the face of the distress they encountered, they entrusted themselves to Mary, their “advocate with the Holy Spirit”.

                                                          R. O. L Article 1 Parag. 4


          After the death of Marie. Many young women joined the congregation and worked tirelessly to help people in need.  They encountered many and difficulties. Revolutions, wars and exile.  But, through all these, they to their adoration of the trinity, their devotion to blessed Virgin Mary, their care of the poor, the sick, the children and the under privileged.

          By 1902, they had spread our to England and the U. S. A as a result of the French government ordering many schools and convents to be closed.

          Today in the Vice-province of Nigeria young women are still asking to join the Daughters of the Holy Spirit in the mission of love.  They want to share in the family trait of humility and gentleness which characterizes all the Daughters of the Holy Spirit.

          Perhaps today you too fell called, then harden not your heart, Join in the work of the spirit; share the joy of Pentecost with others.


Picture Sisters

                                      You may be the next D. H. S

                                                          Why not?!

“Virgin Mary, patroness and advocate with the Holy spirit, teach us to follow your example”.

Picture of Ignatius of Loyola, Louis Lallemant, Vincent Huby Francis de sales, Jean Leuduger.

Spirituality of D. H. S

“From me, for I am gentle and humble in heart.

                                                                   Mt. 11”29

          For Marie Balavenne to listen and discern the needs of her time, the core centre of her spiritual is Christ “For Christ Jesus himself is the cornerstone” Eph. 2:20

          The key to our spirituality lies in the first article of our original Rule of Taden.

This sets the spirit and tone of everything else that is to follow.  This makes their hearts burn for the love of the poor, in whom they recognize the person of Jesus Christ doing everything that lay in their power, to enable all to witness together to that love which transforms the world.

          “A gift and A call”.



The face of God that the first Daughters of the Holy Spirit Sought was that of the Triune God, God who is love, who is forgiving God who is caring, dialogue between the father, the son and the Holy Spirit.

Thus, we seek to live our of              


v    A spirituality that emphasizes a strong link between adoration and apostolic Charity, which are inseparable “There is no mission without adoration---------“.  In our prayer we commune with God and in our work we share Christ with others.


v    A spirituality that is grounded in Pentecost and the action of the spirit, the source of love which enables us to live as Church and serve our brothers and sisters.


v    A spiritual that has become a family trait which springs form our heart.  This gradually fashions us and becomes apparent in our prayer, our behaviour, our apostolic service and the way we live together.


v    A spirituality that links simplicity humility and gentleness together as inseparable attitudes colouring every action of our life.


v    A spirituality that brings sisters together to live in communities which are houses of Charity, places of freedom in the spirit of fraternal love for each other and for all.


v    A spirituality that gives Mary a special place as spouse of the Holy Spirit, having a special devotion to her and looking upon her as our Patroness and Advocate with the Holy Spirit.



v    This spirituality has helped us and continues to sustain us in the Challenges we face.  It nourishes our relationship with God and helps us in the demands of our mission.

Picture of our different missions


 “We must imitate the birds, they drink time and again, and whenever they drink, they raise up their heads to the sky, after reading a short passage, pause to ponder what you have just read, and seek to taste and saviour.

                   By Monsieur Jean Leuduger our founder in his book.  “Bouquet de la mission”.    

Is The Spirit Calling you?

          Picture of Postulants/Novices


“The young women who are received into the House Shall Consider as one of their main duties the care of the poor.  They shall endeavour to assist them in every way they can”………..

                                                (Ch. 1 art 4) Rule of Taden

“----------even with regard to people of the world, to the poor and to children, looking upon all these as superior to themselves and more deserving of the Lord’s mercies-----------in the spirit, they shall make it their pleasure to serve their sisters, the poor and the children, seeing in them the person of Jesus Christ Himself”   (Ch. 1 art 4) Rule of Taden

                   Come and See.

We are bound to one another in the congregation in the name of the one same Charism, given to us for the sake of the mission of the Church” 

                                                          R. O. L Art 5 Parag. 1 


“Our fellowship in the congregation is expressed essentially by our living that fellowship in community and in the help communities give one another”

                                                                   R. O. L Art 7 Parag. 1 

                   Come and See

I want to know?

1)           What does it mean to be a “Daughter of the Holy Spirit?


To be a Daughter of the holy spirit (D. H. S) means that you belong to an international catholic congregation of woman who dedicate their entire lives to the service of the poor, the sick, children women and the underprivileged, seeing in the face of Jesus through the help of the Holy spirit.  This way of life entails professing the 3 evangelical counsels, of Chastity, poverty and obedience, living in communities, adoring the trinity and devotion to Mary, the spouse of the spirit.


2)           Why the name “Daughters of the Holy Spirit?

The first Daughters of the Holy Spirit in seventeenth Century, recognized the love of God for them and found the source of their strength in their adoration of the trinity.  Humble women as they were found that they were filled with the daring that comes form the spirit.  People saw in them the action of the spirit of Pentecost.

Today we still reflect on our experiences and see that spirit is still at work.  We are the Daughters of the Holy spirit, the spirit of love, authentic witness to a God who is justice and tender love.

3)           Where are the D. H. S in the world and how many are they?

The Daughters of the Holy Spirit are in different parts of the world, in More than 12 countries. (Europe, America, South America).

In West Africa we are in Nigeria, Cameroon and Burkina Faso.  We number more than 2000 sisters.

We search for the meaning of life with women and men of our time and try to lead them to discover God.


4)           What about here in Nigeria?

We are present in (3 dioceses) with more than 40 sisters, Postulants and Novices.

Having 9 communities.  We are also present to the needs of our people in place of our work.


5)           What is the aim of the Daughters of the Holy Spirit?



6)           In what different ways do the Daughters of the Holy Spirit Serve the poor, the sick, the women, the children and the underprivileged?

We serve them by undertaking projects like: Schools (Nursery, Primary and Secondary) vocational centre, rehabilitation centre for people with disabilities, Hospital /Health services, Pastoral Ministry, Retreat centre Charity shops, Youth Ministry e. t.c


7)           What is ‘Consecrated’ Life?

In the Catholic Church, men and women called by God, always decided to set themselves apart, in order to dedicate their whole life to freely serve God in humanity.

It involves pronouncing publicly the 3 evangelical vows which are

(a)         Consecrated Celibacy:- An act of surrendering to the spirit our power of loving, so that he may lead us to follow Jesus Christ in the love of God and of others.

R. O. L Art 13

(b)         Poverty:- An act of surrendering oneself to the spirit so that he may lead us to follow Jesus Christ in the way of poverty for the kingdom, in other words linking our destiny to that of the poor & Christ who was rich but became poor in order to make others rich.

R. O. L Art 17

(c)         Obedience:- An act of surrendering our freedom to the spirit so that he may lead us to follow Christ in his Obedience to the father.

R. O. L Art 29

          These are lived in communion with other sisters in the community wherever D. H. S are.

8)           Does a Daughter of the holy spirit take the vows only for a fixed  period of time?


No, it is a life commitment, after passing through different stages as required by the Catholic Church.

          The formation period which can last for 3 or more years is the first stage, a public pronunciation of vows is made for 3 years, after which it is renewable every year for 6 or more years (period of initial formation).

A perpetual profession of vows comes at the end of the 6 or more years not exceeding 9 years and you continue to grow and develop through on going formation.


9)           In today’s world, is a perpetually consecrated life’ possible?

In today’s world of many Challenges it is still possible to live as a consecrated person.  If you listen to God calling you to join him in his mission of love, it is not an easy jask.  But with the help of the spirit, sought through constant and persevering prayer, the grace will be bestowed on you.

          Through adoration of the trinity and taking part in the sacraments, in the light of our “Rule of life” and love for the mission, with a joyful commitment lived with others in community, we can enter into spirits work in our world.


10)       How does one become a Daughter of the Holy Spirit?

If you have discerned your vocation then you write to us and come for our aspirant weekends, then the following steps will be taken.

(a)         Aspirancy stage:- A time to come close to us and see if God is calling you to be a D. H. S; through reflective prayer.

(b)         Postulancy stage:- A time of deeper study and preparation to join the congregation.  It is a time of discernment as well, through reflective prayer.

(c)         Novitiate stage:- A time of integration into the congregation, time of study-----------Rule of life, history of the congregation, Church documents, human development and other document & courses recommended by the church & the congregation.

A time of personal prayer and reflection where each one seeks to discern God’s plan in her life with more clarity.  Time is also set aside for Community experiences.

At the end of these stages, if you come to recognize the love of God for you through the spirit, then you write to be admitted to make a public pronunciation of vows (chastity, poverty and obedience).


11)         What are significant signs of a vocation to be a D. H. S?

    Love of Jesus Christ and a desire to follow Him in his mission of love to our brothers & sisters

    A genuine love for the sick, the children the women and the poor.

    A willingness to live community life with other sisters.

    A spirit of humility, gentleness, openness simplicity, honesty, daring for mission.

    A deep love and attentiveness to the trinity through prayer and mission.

12)       What are the minimum requirements to become a Daughter of the Holy Spirit?

The minimum requirements are as follows:

  • You must be a practicing Catholic (baptized and confirmed)
  • You must have 5 credits including Maths, English Language or some professional training e. g N. C. E, Nursing University graduate e. t. c.
  • You must enjoy good health
  • You must be between the ages of 18 years-25years            (If not professionally trained).
  • You will have to work more closely with us, so that the aspirant gets to know us and we the aspirant.
  • You need a national I. D card.


13)       What of your dress?  Do you have a common habit?

Yes, we do.  We wear a dove, a symbol of the spirit, to remind us daily of the special place of the spirit in our Charism and in our lives.

We also dress simply in “Kampala” with a white veil; the material of our habit is common in the western part of Nigeria, where we are presently.

          We identify ourselves with ordinary people since the beginning of the congregation and we try to be as simple as they are in order to work freely with them.

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